Alcohol Consumption Currency Report

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About this Report

This report contains a detailed overview of alcohol consumption in Australia today together with five-year comparative data. The report covers wine, beer, spirits, Ready to Drink (RTDs), liqueurs, fortified wine and cider, and provides incidence figures for each alcohol type, together with consumption trends for the total alcohol category plus each alcohol type, by age and gender. It also looks at the 'share of throat' for each type of alcohol by age, gender, and types of alcohol consumed for the last 12 months. The data also divides the total alcohol drinker market into low, medium and heavy alcohol drinkers and looks at these segments by age, gender, type of alcohol consumed, and volume share for the last 12 months.

Benefits of this Report

The trended data and graphs within the Alcohol Consumption Currency report allow clear insight into the alcohol consumption trends of specific groups of Australians. It shows which types of alcohol are on the decline, which are holding steady, and which types are growing. Of particular value is that it highlights which demographic and consumption segments are driving these changes. This information about the tightly contested and evolving Australian alcohol market will be of value to marketers, producers, and anyone requiring a clearer and more precise understanding of the current alcohol consumption landscape within Australia.

Additional Information

The insights are drawn from Roy Morgan Single Source and based on respondents aged 18+. The data is presented in easy-to-read line and bar graphs, tables, and pie-charts.

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