Alcohol Retail Currency Report

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About this Report

This report contains a detailed overview of the alcohol retail market and consumer purchasing of packaged alcohol for off premise consumption in Australia today together with trended data spanning 5 years.
It looks at long- and short-term trends for the market size and share (in dollars), customer numbers and cross visitation at overall purchase channel types as well as looking in-depth at major supermarket retailers.
Other channels covered include hotel bottle shops, independent retailers and wine clubs. All data is at a National level, and state-based reports are available on request.

Benefits of this Report

The trended data and graphs within the Alcohol Retail Currency report provide key market metric information on the alcohol retail market size and trends in Australia – dollars and customers - focusing on Supermarkets as well as other retailers/ purchasing channels. They provide vital trended information on these key metrics, delivering a cost effective tool for measurement and evaluation of marketing effectiveness.

Additional Information

The insights are drawn from Roy Morgan Single Source, an ongoing door-to-door survey of over 50,000 Australians annually. The data is presented in easy-to-read line and bar graphs, tables, and pie-charts.

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