Banking & Finance Currency Reports

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The Banking and Finance Currency report provides a uniquely independent analysis of the banking and finance market and the leading institutions which form it. It includes a general market overview of customer penetration (by state, age, and major institutions), market share, share of product and share of wallet, main financial institution (MFI) and bank satisfaction. It also looks at product performance in deposits and transactions, mortgages, major cards and personal lending. The report tracks the financial performance of major financial institutions at national and state levels over the last four years, enabling a holistic understanding of each person's financial needs and behaviour. The availability of such key insights and trends assist in facilitating decision making and helps companies maintain their competitive edge.

The Banking and Finance Currency report provides a complete overview of Australia's banking and finance sector. As well as this, it also provides detailed and specific data on a number of key indicators. The report will provide the insight required to further your business in today's competitive finance sector.

The brands in this report include CBA Group, ANZ Group, Westpac Group, NAB Group, St. George Group, Bendigo Bank Group, ING Direct, Bankwest, Suncorp Group, American Express, Bank of Queensland, CUA Group, Citigroup, GE Group and Heritage Building Society.

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