Media Trust Report August 2019

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The media landscape in Australia is in an unprecedented state of disruption and change as digital media continues to upend established norms and business practices at a level we’ve never seen before. However, there is a ‘hard’ currency that remains constant that drives consumers to return to, or reject, brands and channels and that isTrustandDistrust.

For media channels and brands to survive and thrive they must buildTrust and crucially, minimiseDistrust.While a high level ofTrust will keep audiences engaged and coming back, a high, or increasing, level ofDistrustwill drive audiences (consumers) away – perhaps never to return.

The Media Trust NTS Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the media industry channel and organisation’s NTS, revealing how many Australians TRUST and DISTRUST different media brands. This is reported by: 

  • Net Trust Scores (NTS) and rankings 
  • NTS rankings by State 
  • NTS rankings by Gender 
  • NTS and rankings by Age 
  • Media brands NTS compared to the highest and lowest brands in the media industry sector 
  • The Drivers of TRUST and DISTRUST – why do Australians feel the way they do about media brands? And the media industry sector? 

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