People who have Downloaded Audio/Video Podcasts - Profile

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This Roy Morgan Research Customer Profile contains insightful quantitative data in ready-to-copy-and-paste charts and graphs that can be an invaluable resource for your market review, strategic marketing planning, advertising campaign development, management report or conference address.

This profile contains research that can help you understand your audience in terms of demographics, their attitudes to various important issues, how they spend their leisure time and what media they use. Nothing makes a more critical contribution to business decision making than a clear picture of your target market.

Tables, charts and information contained in this profile include:


  • Gender and Age,
  • State,
  • Education,
  • Respondent Income,
  • Occupation,
  • Socio-Economic Status,
  • Discretionary Expenditure,
  • Life-cycle Segments and Number of Children,
  • Generations.
  • Psychographics and Values

  • Helix Personas,
  • Roy Morgan Values Segments.
  • Attitudes

  • Health and Fitness,
  • Government and Social,
  • Environmental,
  • Personal,
  • Shopping and Product,
  • Food,
  • Media and Advertising,
  • Family and Home,
  • Finance and Holiday Attitudes.
  • Activities

  • Eating out/fast food activities,
  • Leisure activities,
  • Entertainment activities,
  • Sport watched on TV,
  • Sports and activities participated in.
  • Media Usage

  • Media Usage Summary,
  • Newspaper Readership,
  • Magazine Readership,
  • Weekly Commercial TV Viewing,
  • Radio Listening,
  • Internet Usage,
  • Cinema Attendance,
  • Addressed and Unaddressed Mail Readership,
  • Types of Newspaper Read,
  • Types of Magazines Read,
  • Time of Day and Channel of TV Shows Watched,
  • Types of TV Shows Watched.
  • There is also extra information included in the additional insights section, reporting top line information on: Holiday, Finance, Gambling, Telecommunications and Retail Behaviours.

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