Roy Morgan Wealth Report

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About this Report

This second edition of 'The Roy Morgan Wealth Report' is based on the most extensive and longest running study of consumer financial behaviour in Australia. It compares the wealth data for 2007 just prior to the GFC and looks at the movement each year up to 2019, across a range of variables including states, age groups, genders, generations, net wealth deciles, and Roy Morgan's psychographic 'Helix' segments - within which we identify subgroups or 'Personas', made up of individuals sharing key characteristics.

The aim of the report is to gain an overall understanding of the state of Australian's personal wealth and debt, in terms of its composition, where it is held, who holds it and growth rates. Given the importance of wealth to the population's economic resilience and future, particularly around issues such as retirement funding in an aging population, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of how the distribution and growth of wealth has shifted and where it is likely to move in coming years.

Why you need this Report!

With this report you will gain an in-depth understanding through the consumer lens of how Australians are positioned in terms of wealth and debt since 2007. This comprehensive analysis across all types of assets and debts, enabling a more holistic understanding of consumer financial needs rather than the normal 'silo' or product approach.

Additional Information

Roy Morgan Research has a uniquely large and detailed source of financial data, compiled from more than 50,000 face-to-face interviews annually over more than two decades.

This report explores the issues relating to the makeup of personal wealth and debt, detailed segment analysis including wealth deciles, demographics, geographics and psychographics.

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