State of the Nation Report 20 - Spotlight on Australian Politics (Apr 2015)

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Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report 20 focuses on Australian Politics and the fortunes of the Coalition Government at its halfway mark. Clearly it hasn’t all been ‘smooth sailing’ for the Government since their comprehensive election victory in September 2013 – but does the Coalition team have what it takes to claim victory at next year’s Federal Election?

As we approach next year’s Federal Election the key issues facing the Government include unemployment and under-employment across Australia, the slowing Australian economy caused by the slowdown in China and the falling price of commodities including iron ore, coal and gas – Australia’s biggest exports, healthcare reforms, the Government’s proposed revamp of the education sector, the aging of Australia as highlighted by the Intergenerational Report, asylum seeker policy, and perhaps most prominently – extensive reform of Australia’s Taxation system.

The recent comfortable election victory of New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has provided a definite boost to the Coalition (today’s Morgan Poll - April 11/12 & 18/19, 2015 - shows the L-NP up 3% to 47% cf. ALP 53% on a two-party preferred basis) and a chance for the Government to redefine what they stand for. Baird took tough and unpopular reforms to the NSW electorate – privatisation of NSW electricity assets – and won. Perhaps Prime Minister Abbott and the Coalition team can ‘take a leaf out of Baird’s playbook’ to call for the tough decisions – even if they are blocked in the Senate – doing so will allow the issues to be debated and voted on at the next election.

About this Report

Based on over 900,000 interviews with Australians, this report gives you an unparalleled perspective on how trends have changed over the last fifteen years among the Australian population and how people feel now.

The topics covered in this report include:
  • SOCIETY:Ageing population; Rising education level; Household size; Home ownership decreasing; Increasing population diversity; Australians becoming more progressive; Less concern with safety and security; Food and health; Changing leisure activities.
  • TECHNOLOGY:Telecommunication revolution; Rapid adoption of technological products; Internet growth changing media consumption; Shopping online; Banking online.
  • ECONOMY:Unemployment; Under-employment; Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence and Business Confidence; Business outlook and opinion; Housing interest rates; Term deposit rates; Petrol prices; Exchange rates; Share market; Total Superannuation assets; Attitudes towards the economy, finance and the government.
  • POLITICS:Voting intentions.
  • ENVIRONMENT:Environment an important issue; Taking action is the next step.
  • SPOTLIGHT ON AUSTRALIAN POLITICS:Unemployment & Under-employment across Australia; A slowing Australian economy; The falling price of commodities (including iron ore, coal and gas); Healthcare reforms; Education sector reform; Aging of Australia as highlighted by the Intergenerational Report; Asylum seeker policy; Reform of Australia’s Taxation system.

Benefits of this Report

Access to this report will provide you with the most up-to-date understanding of the trends and issues that face Australians today. Armed with these detailed insights, Australians and businesses in Australia will be better placed to rise to challenges created by the changing political climate in the nation. It will also give great insight to those campaigning for various issues and policies to refine their approaches and sharpen their strategies.

With access to these insights and trends, this report will equip you with all the necessary quantitative trend data for your market review, strategic marketing planning, advertising brief development, management update presentation or conference address.

Additional Information & Insights

The insights are drawn from Roy Morgan Single Source, an ongoing face-to-face survey of approximately 50,000 Australians annually. This report is updated quarterly and is presented in the format of trended charts and data tables.

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