State of the Nation Report 27 - Spotlight on Automotive (Mar 2017)

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This is the full presentation, including with extensive notes, from Michele Levine’s State of the Nation Presentation on Automotive.

This new research explores:
  • Quest to Zero Emissions: A majority of Australians (62%) would pay more for a car with ‘Zero Emissions’ today compared to 38% that wouldn’t. 17% would pay 0-5% more, 25% would pay 6-10% more, 12% would pay 11-20% more and 9% would pay 20%+ more. Splitting by Generations shows 75% of Millennials would be prepared to pay more compared to 51% of Boomers.
  • Driverless Cars: A slim majority of Australians (54%) are not yet ready for traveling in driverless cars compared to 46% that are. However, looking at demographic breakdowns shows more Men (51%) are ready for driverless compared to 41% of Women. In addition, a clear majority of Millennials (62%) are ready for Driverless compared to only 26% of Boomers.
  • Urban Mobility/ Re-thinking Ownership: A majority of Australians (64%) aren’t aware of car-sharing services compared to 36% that are, however over 200,000 already use car-sharing services like Go-Get and Flexi-car. Men (43%) are more likely than Women (29%) to know of car-sharing and Millennials (35%) are more aware of car-sharing than Boomers (26%).
  • Digital Disruption: Buying cars entirely online is just around the corner and already 34% of Australians are ready to buy a car entirely online compared to 66% that aren’t. Once again, Men (42%) lead Women (25%) and Millennials (37%) lead Boomers (23%).
And many additional key insights into the Australian Automotive industry as we transition out of local automotive manufacturing in 2017.

The quickly evolving nature of the global automotive industry means there has never been a more important time for Australians vested in the industry to understand the trends that are driving the industry - and where these trends are driving to.

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