Understanding Young Australians Report

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About this Report

Young Australians (aged 6-13) these days are an extremely influential group. They not only spend their own money, but play a large part in influencing the purchasing decisions of other members of the household over a range of products. As this influence grows the market has become more competitive.

This Understanding Young Australians Report looks at all aspects of a young Australian's life. With ongoing surveying you can see how their attitudes and activities have changed over time.

Included in the full report you will receive findings on the time they spend on activities; magazine readership; mobile phone usage; what they think; their media consumption and finance and retail habits.

Benefits of this Report

This report is a vital tool for any organisation or company looking to examine the influence that young Australians have in the marketplace. With an examination of the behaviours of young people today, this report will equip you with all the necessary quantitative data for your market review, strategic marketing planning, advertising campaign development, management presentation or conference address.

Additional Information

A strength of this report is the nature in which information is broken down by gender, location and specific age groups. This allows a more precise understanding of the sub-groups of young Australians, as well as providing a broader illustration.

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